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CHARCTER DELETED PLEASE HELP (done by game not me)

First off, don't mind the name. I've just returned after a few years hiatus only to discover my main character is missing. I'm not sure how or when (etc.) that it got deleted as for the years I took off the client was not even installed on my computer. It could've been an update, or some weird bug I wasn;t here to witness or really anything, all I know is that my character is missing and it is not my doing. It was a level 70 odd slayer (78 if I remember correctly) and I wasn't a member nor had I bought a substantial amount of zen, so this is not a grab for money. I simply would like my charcter back so I can continue playing. Thanks for your time, if anyone can get this to other people who can better help me then I'd VERY much appreciate it if you could do that as I'm new here.


  • wolfking4975wolfking4975 Posts: 1 New User
    My main character also got deleted after years of not playing
  • ketchup#6624 ketchup Posts: 1 New User
    Same with me did you guys get any response from this because i would really like to know whats going on i spend too much money on character for it to just vanish
  • varkelavarkela Posts: 6 Arc User
    PWE doesn't care, read the forums. They pretty much left the game for dead. And if you send a ticket to customer support, the usual answer is it's something you (the customer) did wrong.
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