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Game is dead. Here is how to play and attempt to keep it as clean as it can be...

Votekick them, is the most obvious and basic answer, but here is more;

FPS shooters have always been riddled with hackers/exploiters. It's just part of gaming and more so in FPS games. It's extremely sad that they killed this game. *The clan hired to police the hackers sold the hacks* Generally when games die the hackers come in in swarms since there is no one to police them. Even some players that never hacked before start trying it because no one will do anything about it. So let's do what we can as players to police the hackers/exploiters not getting policed.

If you are new to this game you probably feel like you lag a lot and can't connect a shot. It's not your computer like your buddy might tell you. It's not your settings. It's the lag switchers that are out of control in the game. Clean your computer and try to disrupt that lag switch connection.

Hackers come in pairs/teams generally. A lot of the time they like to flaunt the fact that they hack with a alpha numeric name or a name that openly states they hack so they can say, "how stupid would I be to hack with a name hack1234". This game has and will grow more hackers since it's dead. I've noticed that some of the players that don't hack normally will toggle it on when threatened. You will notice some not able to navigate a map auto-trigger you when they just purchased the hack and are unfamiliar with the territory.

.ini changes use to be the big problem of this game since no game in history allowed it until this game. But now that the game is dead, the ones that abused .ini changes just hack/exploit.

Today's biggest issues are multi-tool hacks and lag switchers. Wall hackers know they can get away with it. I watch people every night hard target names through walls and then use HRV and look around the map as if the person viewing would be stupid. No one will be able to call out a wall hack in this game because of the HRV. The hacker and buddies will troll "built in game hack" even though they were hard target focused on an enemy without HRV then looked away and around when HRV was in use.

Unlike every other FPS game, aimbot doesn't do much. HRV counters aimbot newbs and gives players a fighting chance.

Auto-Triggers are the biggest trash of the dumpster crew that is hacking. They just walk around and their gun fires when someone is in the area. It's always paired with aimbot because of course they aren't aiming. It's almost always on a multi-tool hack.

This game has always had a bug that exposed auto-trigger noobs. Other players can hear their gun firing constantly when it is not. Hackers lie and explain, "It's a random flaw", it's not. It's a flaw of the auto-trigger multi-tool hacker. When you hear a gun firing constantly it's a auto-trigger glitch, not a game bug....

So back to start. VOTEKICK THE NOOBS and keep the game clean. You don't even have to make a scene and tell others you started the votekick, just vote out the hacker/exploiter. l

The idiot clan that use to police this game told me, "never report anyone, it does nothing". If you have played anything PB polices you know that is not true. The report is gone, but the VK is still here. I've noticed about 90% of the hackers I VK, "drop out". PB is still working when the game is not.

So Mute and VoteKick probable hackers. If you are wrong, nothing will happen. If you are right, PB might just give them the boot.

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