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Woodystylez: "I told you so"

woodystylezwoodystylez Posts: 4 Arc User
I'm honestly not happy to say "I told you so". I came back after a couple years off and the game turned into everything I said it would turn into if certain changes didn't happen. No one plays this game anymore and it's one of the best.

What happens in EVERY game is a hacker group tries to take control of it and even moderate it. This helps them sell their hacks. And for the younger generation this is Capitalism 101, many of the people who sell the solution also create the problem.

This game is STILL making the top free FPS lists. It can STILL make a comeback.

It's extremely sad to see so few people playing a great game. Once the game is clean the serious gamers come to pay and play. Let's make it happen.


  • woodystylezwoodystylez Posts: 4 Arc User
    The lag switchers are completely out of control in this game right now...
  • woodystylezwoodystylez Posts: 4 Arc User
    Yep. Your game is dead due to the current exploit "lag switchers". The game never really too a hard stance on hackers, but took side with the ones that did. I have a boss PC and good connection and I've been world ranked in many FPS games from top 10 to top 1k. Your game's "best" players are ones who use exploits and hacks which is the reason I left before and the reason it is dead today. The games old issue was wall hackers because they would just say, "why would I wall hack in a game with wall hack" and the noobs would repeat. The game also use to have a multi-hack created and sold by the clan that was supposed to police the game, you could actually hear it auto-firing guns when the guns weren't firing, but it would start actually firing when enemies would get in a screens shot. I've seen 1 since I've been playing again this last week. Obviously the new exploit/hack is lag switch. The game seems to have no answer for it. The game use to have dozens of servers to chose from, now it's less than 5 generally. To follow the title, "I told you so". If you don't police the game, the game will die, as it is. An extremely fun game down the drains of hack soup. It's even the same clans man....It's sad the mods sided with the beast. See you in other games :)
  • I hope the game will become as popular as it was several years ago! It's so pity that people don't play now like they did it before .. :(
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