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Wake up PWE for fck sake

ekzi777ekzi777 Posts: 19 Arc User
What is happening??? If u have abandoned this game, close it to fckin hell !! If not, make finaly some patches and updates so there is some interest in playing, to attract ppl to the game !
We want marketplace price changes more often, normal spend rewards, not like last 2x wich were Crapiest spend reward that ever was in this games hystory !
We want everything and now, but we get nothing and little by little !!
I will repeat myself, if u dont want to make anything for this game and u have gave it up on it, close it for fck hell, not make ppl hope for some patches and some new stuff, even if u dont fix the old bugs, like TW. i cannot imagine how hard it is to fix that crap... getting ignored by all staff about the damn bugs, cannot link cords, some players are nameless, no TW, no anima removal no nothing !!


  • jl222xjl222x Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    I couldn't agree more with this guy. Battle of the immortals seems totally abandoned by its own company.
    Rarely we see any maintenance (can take more than 2-3 weeks and usually is only about changing the marketplace), no any event is going on (we don't even get a double exp or double drop weekend anymore) and of course there are no updates (no expansions,no new items)
    Each server seems totally empty (even gemini which consider most active have same 30-40 people playing only)
    Game is full of bugs that they never get fixed (realm bug every hour for 2 minutes, territory war that is a major pvp event etc)
    Missing one of the most important item for the current expansions, the anima removal.
    As gamer playing other games also,i have find even smartphone games that they have updates each week with new content and events every 1-2 week (not gonna give names cause as i remember there is a rule that forbid that in forums)
    So since company isn't willing to add fix things in game why keep it on? Game has become boring for almost all players with no new challenges. Even myself that haven't played for years i came back recently and although i had things to do cause wasn't here on previous expansions after few months i have done everything and now i'm already bored of the game in its current situation.
    So instead of giving fake hope to a dead game and make us spend hours for no reason since we expecting something in near future is better to close the servers or at least announce that company isn't going to work anymore on any new expansion for battle of the immortal so we can quit permanently and move to another game
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  • gravityneogravityneo Posts: 268 Arc User
    I bet they not tell their bean counters that charge rewards not working because they aren't good rewards at all again.

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