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Please send me a private message instead of writing on my wall. Lord Neverember demands it!


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  • Please send me a private message instead of writing on my wall. Lord Neverember demands it!
    July 2015
  • bignuke87
    Sir Id greatly appreciate your help I cant post this on the forum as its against rules, im a new user, and I don't know how to escalate this issue...but ive been a day one supporter on xbox one and im highly upset at the way customer service treated me. I lost a rank 7 radiant when I unequipped it last night as well as a rank 6 I had just purchased and lost when I pulled it from the mailbox in the enclave. There was a big lag spike and both items disappeared. support basically said we have no record of this and insinuated I had sold the items as I had sold another radiant rank 7 around the same time. I immediately created a ticket and its unfortunate all the CS support horror stories seem to be true. I have hundreds of real life dollars in this game bc I enjoy it and don't mind supporting it as well as over 700 hours. this is my first ticket and I was basically brushed to the curb.
    July 2015
  • mainkingd
    I've have been having discussions with your support team and they have asked me to post all this in to your forum before you'll implement any of these changes.(So here we are:)

    #1 Could you make it so there is a section to store all unused companions, mounts and fashion items with empty pictured slots of/for all mounts, companions and fashion items that can be collected in the game (like a collectors album). As this will not only help people store these items and free up there inventory but it will also encourage players to buy more to add to There collection so the can change there companions, mounts and fashion items at will. Doing this will also help you as there are alot of collectors out there which will pay alot of money to try and get every collectible. Its a win win

    Ontop of that could you change the fact that when you store companions that it takes there equipped items off them as people give up using existing companions because they have to keep rebuying equipment for them.

    I hope you take my suggestion and apply ASAP as it will help EVERYONE!. (Bet Elder of Scrolls Wouldn't think of this)

    #2 Could you make it so all skirmish levels are repeatable like you have with the dungeons, but you could create a level scheme like pvp (example after lvl 21- 36 it will go to 37 -43). This will allow all Players to be able to Repeat there Favourite Skirmishes which they are now currently too high to replay.

    #3 Me and Members of My Guild have noticed that in the lostmouth Dungeon Scourge Warlocks seem to have Trouble Jumping Over The Lava Section (First Door) and have to log out and back in when the team has reached the next camp fire so they can proceed to play. So maybe increase the Warlocks Jump or Simply Lower The Walls a Fraction.

    #4 A Very Annoying bit of the game, pop ups in dungeons and skirmishes. You need to shrink and possibly even move the item pickup box (maybe under your group) in these events as it only gets in the players way if someone decides to pickup items during battle instead if waiting.(which happens alot)

    And Finally #5 PVP, The Issue That almost Everyone I Have Played With Complains About.

    Could you please Dramatically reduce the cool down time on the rogues invisibility power during pvp matches as it is impossible to hit them. As they attack you when there invisible and before you have chance to strike back there gone again. This has resulted in many pointless matches as a lot of players just give up playing and stand at the camp fire resulting in an ultimate defeat and making it impossible to earn points, glory, or complete the daily (Win) pvp mission. This has made pvp a very dissatisfying and disappointing section of the neverwinter game. its ending up being the same players over and over again mainly all rogues. It gives Every other class a massive disadvantage. So please sort this Help Increase the number of Players that play PvP and do something about it. Even if it means limiting it to one rogue per team.

    P.S Could you please bring out move PVP maps and/or Different Game classes like you already have domination!
    (There are many more you could Implement like Maybe Free For All)

    Thank You For Your Time! ( Ill Look Forward to The Outcome!)

    Any other Suggestions anyone?

    July 2015
    • vteasy
      Please buff TRs. My guild has problems with the other classes so please nerf them