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Any minute now…


Only recently activated my Arc account but I have been playing EK for a while.


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  • The last two died in under 4 minutes thats not fair game admin needs to stop pumping up the hp and attack that is no longer working you need to pair them up 2x demons to fight or demon and a couple rank V hydra
  • It is also a nice idea to know how you performed and know who performed better that way you can try to find that player and ask for tips or advice to do better in KW or just to know who the reall threats are so that you can try to gear your decks to…
  • i dont use it and have not had any issues with accidentaly hitting it but i do agree with not seeing why you would want it unless you were able to get multiple theifs or multiple hydra with one 10X search but you cant so no use in having it nice id…
  • resets.... umm.... they do have that. You can do the first one free, and each additonal one is 2M Glory, up to a max total of 4 resets a day. I do agree a little more variety would be nice.
  • or add a 1* 2* 3* 2x of each requirement to make them be more creative instead of all one card :)
  • yup dailly frags is a good reason, also later if you need gold you can sell em just stock pile them for now and sell them when you need the dough,
    in Runes Comment by remblie May 2015
  • Because 3 star have elite versions instead 
  • Right but its useless i made impeed deck and ran the timer out got no gold because no damage to the demon you have to hurt the card if it does not come out you can not hurt it
  • I like your idea lets see if they add it
  • Haa ive seen fire mage losing recently many players are now building 3 star setsmwith anticipated mage opponents
  •  Your using swamp cards and it is triggering?  what level is the rune? It only heals by a percentage of the damage done,  and if your cards are full health already they wont heal. I know in 4x speed you don't see the numbers every time but it stll i…
  • Never had that happen to me.  I have had the network error before though., but when I reconnect either it did not happen or it did . Never had a half way like what your describing. I hope admin can find your answer quick. I am really curious what th…
  • In RL I like the M16-A2 and AK47 they might not have top stats in game but I would still prefer them to the alternatives available Perhaps its dumb nostalgia lol
  • Yes a list please also I have seen blood sucker show up for almost all of my 4 star and none of my 5 star I have seen others with 5 star evoed to have blodsucker but is seams mor comon on 4 star so an up date to the wiki  that may include rarity by …
  • They die too fast next time you do a event like this one can you refer to my sugestion posted in the game sugestions area it has an obvious tittle should not be hard to find
  • You can buy card fragments from the FoH store now and if you don't like the current list of available fragments you can refresh it 2x a day.  Omni fragments would be great though for those really rare fragments.
  • have you updated your ek app yet ? they made it so locked cards don't show when selecting enhance material yay i love it . thank you (not sure if its all versions: im using Blue Stacks) 
  • great idea i love it and support it 
  • locked cards can for lack of better term be renamed "favorite cards".
  • Yes impede works butndamage to opponent does not count you have to damagebthe card you can not do that if it stays in hand