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remove search x10 button

This is a completely pointless button
If by accident you press this button you waste valuable resourses
Please remove it


  • Yes especially for finding hydras or thieves. You cannot find more than 1 thief or hydra per x10 explore so its 20 energy down the drain to possibly not find anything.

  • astarioerrtastarioerrt Posts: 10
    edited February 2015
    No, just don't.
  • I've used it 3 times on purpose and 3 times on accident.   Some people love it I'm sure.   I'd rather have buy gold packs x10 or more personally.   Much more useful.   Why not make the multiplier adjustable by the player, like the match speed button, so those who don't want it can turn it to x1?
  • rammy01rammy01 Posts: 4
    Last hydras i accidently pressed this button more than once wasting gemmed energy
    I like the idea of the above poster of being able to set this button at 1
  • elynduilelynduil Posts: 2 Arc User
    Seems I am not alone.  This button is inconveniently placed, at the very least.
  • remblieremblie Posts: 36
    i dont use it and have not had any issues with accidentaly hitting it but i do agree with not seeing why you would want it unless you were able to get multiple theifs or multiple hydra with one 10X search but you cant so no use in having it nice idea thanks for trying we are not big fans of it
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