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FoH use only 3 star cards

I think a "use only 3* cards " requirement  would be fun. It would give folks who don't have a bunch of evod cards to further participate.



  • rizzzrizzz Posts: 1 Arc User
    This was a requirement once, however the combo of Fire Mage x10 beat out most decks, and the final battle was Fire Mage x10 vs Fire Mage x10.
  • Well the "no 5* or 4*" has been a couple of times on my server but top players were still winning because of the hero level. A nice chance for people with unevoed cards though. (:
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  • Won't work, fire Mage will be on top every single time.
  • Set up a 2* only or a 1* only. I like that thought. 
  • remblieremblie Posts: 36
    Haa ive seen fire mage losing recently many players are now building 3 star setsmwith anticipated mage opponents
  • remblieremblie Posts: 36
    or add a 1* 2* 3* 2x of each requirement to make them be more creative instead of all one card :)
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