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Impede on demons?

Confirmed to work? Never tried it but presumably Nuriel could delay demons a turn correct?  Along with any other TBR 2 cost with Impede?


  • As far as I know, impede doesn't work on immunity, so I'll just assume that nuriel wouldn't be that useful in di decks. (:
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  • "Increases the wait time for the card with the shortest wait time in your opponent's hand by 1. (Ignores Immunity)"

    Straight from the card ;)
  • I think mostly it's just a high cost/rare card that you'd have to build a deck around the extra turn mattering but I like theorycrafting the possibility of new decks.  For instance I believe she would help Demonic Imps take a Mars hit for at least the first 2 Leeches before he started 1 shotting them again.  Though if you're throwing in Resistance Nuriel's you probably have Vampirism QotD/FD by that point. 
  • Hmmm, yeah. Maybe try it out and post the results here for everyone to see? (:
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  • f1avorf1avor Posts: 12 Arc User
    For mars it is preferred that you use a 'tank' card, generally an ice shield evolved with resist. Also if you have DK (Found in events) and TC resist (can be evolved by Arctic Sea Dragon via kw store) you can create an infinity cycle which helps your mpm. As to your question on Nuriel, no it won't be a good idea to use her in a demon deck due to how the game works- if you have 3 demonic imps and 1 nuriel, there is only a 25% chance that she will be drawn out and in the other 75% impede will be useless. Plus, her cost is very high :)
  • Yes impede works butndamage to opponent does not count you have to damagebthe card you can not do that if it stays in hand
  • synfuldreamsynfuldream Posts: 24 Arc User
    "Advance zgrike" reduces the tine the adds in your ha en to wait so that might be more feast Le. There are only a couple of adds with that tho-Goblin engineer and a nd a m t card but can't think k of the name.
  • synfuldreamsynfuldream Posts: 24 Arc User
    Advanced strike might work. It decreases the wait time for the cards in your hand but only a couple of cards have that ability-Goblin Engineer and one of the mountain cards
  • bobbikinzbobbikinz Posts: 3 Arc User
    Impede nuri does work on do but only if it comes out first
  • bobbikinzbobbikinz Posts: 3 Arc User
    Muriel works on Dec mons but only if it comes out early
  • remblieremblie Posts: 36
    Right but its useless i made impeed deck and ran the timer out got no gold because no damage to the demon you have to hurt the card if it does not come out you can not hurt it
  • I've used a pair of nuriels once against a demon. It was good for 1 merit point. Mars never came into play.
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