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Are these forums dead?

solcitsesolcitse Posts: 11 Arc User
What's the deal here? This is a fantastic, very complex game, yet there are no guides, discussions, or activity to speak of. Even if I were to write guides to post here, I feel like no one would read it and I'm at a loss for a reason. Are these pages too hard to find for the average gamer? I feel like someone should start asking the really hard questions here before its too late.


  • I agree with you! The game is fantastic. (playing Yorke). The lack of guides and so on is a realy miss. Even in these forums there is not to much info :(
  • solcitsesolcitse Posts: 11 Arc User
    I have combed through almost every post looking for scraps of useful information, and while I have found very valuable information at times, its difficult to say if it was worth the effort. Every other mmorpg I have ever played had forums which was way easier to navigate and the information was categorized so it was easy to find. Perhaps this game is still too new. I resolve to post my own information here to see if anything takes off in a positive way
  • Yup i agree! lets put some live in this forum  :D
  • One of the issues, I have just posted to in the Technical section, is that I can only get on the forums on my computer, if I try to get on the forums on my iPhone, through the game, it crashes :(
  • Yup same problem here. its realy laggy and cause the game to crash. 
  • jtr03jtr03 Posts: 5
    Maybe one reason is because the game is pretty straight forward. You follow the quests, complete instances every day etc.. etc.. Also, no trade section to discuss items for sale, because the game doesn't have that.

    Another thing, there's not much complexity with how you want your character to be. You can't build your own stat (which can bring lots of discussion). No complicated skill tree to follow, or no complex skill to unlock.

    So people who plays the game doesn't need that much info. Almost everything can be learned while you're playing the game. Nothing much to discuss.
  • solcitsesolcitse Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    I will completely agree with you that as far as character development there is very little to discuss, however I cant be the only one confounded with how many people in their 50's STILL dont know what goes into makeing a successful Phantom Ark squad.  Perhaps some people would like the masses to stay ignorant on that particular instance as they stand to make alot of money there, but at least 50% of the time i find people trying to form squads 5-10 minutes after the top of the hour, and even worse, and most hilarious to me, screaming "WHERES THE PORTAL? WHERES THE PORTAL?" 5 minutes before the top of the hour (*facepalm*). 

    I suppose my point is, despite how simple the game is, and lets be real, it really is simple, there are some things i consistently see people asking for help.  Myself, I learn very quickly, as I come from other much larger mmorpgs, but still want clarification on specific, and important things such as:

    Pet types and skill builds whether for PvP or PvE
    The role guild expeditions play in the development of said guild
    Gem builds
    proc rates of elemental attributes on gear
    Just to name a few ...

    I think forums are a great place for people to discuss these things at length, because even the "pro" player may have gaps in their knowledge of the game, which would make them a more well rounded player, and more valuable guild mate, as well as educating the novice as they begin their path in this game of ours.
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  • jtr03jtr03 Posts: 5
    Got your point and I agree as well. I'm going back and forth on this forum when I started playing but I didn't see any improvements. I learned a few things though like you need 3 5* pet of the same kind to evolve your 5* pet to 6*. Honestly, I'm 56 and still haven't tried phantom ark lol. I have no idea what's in there.
  • Pet types and skill builds whether for PvP or PvE
    The role guild expeditions play in the development of said guild
    Gem builds
    proc rates of elemental attributes on gear
    Yup... good questions
    and I haven't done phantom ark either.  I'm 65, and am very active. I feel like if there was a good guild of other active players, I'd probably learn (and teach) a lot more!

  • @jtr03 at phantom ark you get holy water you can fuze them in holy chalice.
  • @theorchestral what server are you? Im in yorke with Rebellions. probaly with vigilance fighting for the nr. 1 guild. But you can always join us and learn what we have to share. Or see in the forums some info. I can finally log in the forums again so you should see some post passing by.
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