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Unable To Get Dark Knight.

xalkrewxalkrew Posts: 4
I finally got Elesis to level 15 and I did the free knight quests, yet I could still couldn't choose Dark Knight (only pyro and sabre). Am I doing something wrong? do I have to talk to a different NPC to get the Dark Knight class?


  • r3ap3rsban3r3ap3rsban3 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I have the same question.  I cant figure out what I missed.  
  • xalkrewxalkrew Posts: 4
    I figured out what I did wrong. Once you finish the Free Knight quests, you go to the bulletin bored and it will have pyro, sabre, AND dark knight. If you go to the guy who gives you the Free Knight quest, he'll only give you sabre and pyro
  • r3ap3rsban3r3ap3rsban3 Posts: 2 Arc User
    thank you so much
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