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tenkorextenkorex Posts: 2 Arc User
Reports "This game is not available in your region"?


  • maartinsmaartins Posts: 1
    Have the same problem
  • Same ( netherlands )
  • n1ck0sn1ck0s Posts: 1
    same here(Greece)
    shame really it looks cool
  • Not available in my region either (UK)
  • dorkkartdorkkart Posts: 6
    Also not in my region ( netherlands) So an anime based game ONLY for Japan?
    Then why send us spam about it?  :s
  • Unless the reason we cant play it is just a error on arc's side then tht seems to be the only explanation
  • mrshadowphoenixmrshadowphoenix Posts: 43 Arc User
    Just curious, as I couldn't even get it to install until I did this, but have you checked for Arc patches?
  • It should be Available in the EU. I just checked and it was released to the EU before it even came to Arc. So either there's a bug with the current version or something else is up.
  • avernonavernon Posts: 1
    IT is available in the EU but on Gameforge. As usual that parasite company buying everything possible and using EU to monopol thier stupid microtransactions. Only solution for arc players is some anonymizer or VPN outside of EU, because in here we cna play games like elsword. They used to have exclusive aion in EU but luckily NC fucked this up for them.
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