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bug event Rise a Dk - knight code of chivaly 4 not received

azertiyazertiy Posts: 3 Arc User
Title:bug event rise a dk - knight code of chivaly 4 which says that we receive 10 dk fragment every day except that i have not received anything

Location: France


  • azertiyazertiy Posts: 3 Arc User
    if not you view the image here is another link ==> http://uprapide.com/image/935586-screenshot-2015-03-01-11-01-56
  • "Knights Code of Chivalry 4:
    Persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.

    A true Dragon Knight shall never give up, no matter the obstacles faced.

    During the event, only those who log in every day from the beginning to the end will receive 10 Dragon Knight fragments as a final reward for their perseverance."

    It's said that you'll get the 10 fragments on the LAST day of the event. The 0 frags glitch was just a mistake, nothing more. But players weren't promised frags today anyway, so don't worry, you'll get the fragments if you are dedicated enough to become a true Dragon Knight!

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  • alistairskyalistairsky Posts: 195
    0 rewards is not a glitch. It says 'perseverance' so keep at it even if you get nothing for your efforts. You will receive 10 frags for your efforts on the final log-in day if you 'kept at it' as your reward.
    Have fun & build your deck!
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