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I'm online most of the time. Since I work from home, I often leave my tablet open as well. My question is, once you're done with all the instances, all the elimination scroll (30/week since I'm not vip member) and bonus exp is filled up, how can I continue grinding/leveling? when I kill monster I don't receive any experience anymore. I'm currently level 53, and I'm thinking the time is being wasted just waiting for another bonus exp to refresh or for the instance to refresh. Can you give me an advice? I'm still noob I believe, I still has a lot to learn on the game.

Thanks in advance.


  • As you said for yourself the elimination scrolls give some xp a week. The bonus exp a day. All inst each day. Do the events wich give some nice exp. Do boss hunts.  Don't forget to everyday doing the free training. Just press Rewards and tap Training hut. Goodluck!
  • jtr03jtr03 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply. But what I mean is, aside from everything you said (well except for boss hunt) where can I continue grinding.

    In matter of minutes, I can complete instances, rum and training. I can complete elimination scroll in a day (30 items). Then I can complete bonus exp in a matter of 2-3 hrs. After that, I need to wait for the bxp to refresh to continue grinding and wait for everything to refresh again.
  • @jtr03 after that you got the special events like last man standing and so on. besides that nothing.
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