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New Bug

darkside33xxxdarkside33xxx Posts: 7 Arc User
In Version 1.6.1 you can Send your friends energyy,  but then  then the Game Crash to the load screen and you o can Do nothing  just restart  the Game .


  • Yeah, I noticed quite a few new glitches and bugs in the new patch. Will do a report about them. Thanks for looking out. (:
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  • paszkopmpaszkopm Posts: 6 Arc User
    Also game freezes when you claim energy.
  • fireelementalxfireelementalx Posts: 4 Arc User
    same problem
  • synfuldreamsynfuldream Posts: 24 Arc User
    Same problem.  Reinstalled X 4. Also battles are moving slower even at X 4. Samsung galaxy IV. Synfuldream.  Fury
  • Same problem too.  Game freezes when pick or send energy to friends.  Lasthero777 server chaos
  • Same issue. Sending or claiming energy freezes game. It records that you sent/claim but you have to exit game and come back in each time you do.
  • Bug has been fixed. Everything should be working now. ^^
                                                                                        Anar'alah belore.
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