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evolution bug

groceriegrocerie Posts: 23 Arc User
I was evolving my goblin warrior
I had the select skill bar correctly on swamp force 5
After the evolve my card was given desperation prayer
I did not select desperation prayer and want my swamp force 5 skill please
Can this be fixed or am i out of pocket gold and evo fodda wise?
Hardoutglory  -  destiny server


  • kaeumekaeume Posts: 96 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    Personally, I do a sort of "Triple Check" when evolving.

    First, go to the skill you want. For example, assume you are evolving a [Queen of the Dead] which has "Trap 2" as the current skill, and the next skill you want is "Bloodsucker 9." Let's say that "Bloodsucker 9" is the fourth skill on the list of 8 skills available for the next evolution. Make sure that when "Bloodsucker 9"" selected it says "4/8" on the top.

    Second,  after selecting the skill you want for the next evolution, hit "Preview" on the right side. Make sure that in this preview it shows your card with the skill you chose for the next evolution. For our [Queen of the Dead] it should say "Bloodsucker 9"

    And lastly, after selecting the skill you want for the next evolution, hit "View Details" on the left side. Make sure that in that preview it shows your card with the skill you chose for the next evolution. Continuing with the [Queen of the Dead] example, it should show it having "Bloodsucker 9"

    This should ensure that the skill you chose is indeed, the skill you want.

    If you haven't done so already, report the bug to the arc Support portal as well (link in my signature). I will forward this bug to the team and see if there can be anything done to prevent errors like this in the future.

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  • groceriegrocerie Posts: 23 Arc User
    I to am extremely cautious when evolving my cards
    Every evolution i always preview and make 100% certain that everything is exactly correct before i press the button
    In my case here the evolution feature has simply given me a skill i did not select 
    I now have spent 1.5 million gold and used 3 goblin warrior cards that did give me the exact skill i was looking for......only the game gave me something completely different than what was selected
    2 other of my clan mates have had this exact same bug happen to them since my initial post
    I did report this bug to arc support whom has replied to my ticket
    They refered me back to here
  • PWE are not really sympathetic to its customers.  They will take their time in addressing issues, do not hold your breath that it will be done with alacrity.  As for remuneration? They will never refund anything done bug or no bug...  Instead of claim fault it will default to a PEBCAK Error.
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