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Outfits....... where do you get them?

Do you have to spend red diamonds for an Outfit?
I have looked on Auction....
Level 56 and I have not found one yet - but I have seen crafting notifications so other people have them, lol

Any help is appreciated


  • kyujirokyujiro Posts: 36
    edited December 2014

    You can buy outfit from the "Market" ,in the TOP LEFT of your screen, for reds or blue diamonds, it's your own choice.
    When you will click to buy it, you could choose a payment mode, click in red or blue, the cost is similar.
    But blue diamonds are easy to get, for reds you need to purchase or sell items in auction for reds.

    You can also get it with arena points but it required 180000 points, so lot of fights and times.

    Best regards.
  • hmmm have to make a red diamond purchase to unlock the store ... (even though I have plenty of blue diamonds)
  • $0.99 red diamond purchase unlocked Blue Diamonds in the market - Thank You!
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