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New abilities, events, cards, and crafting ideas!

udaniudani Posts: 10
edited September 2014 in Gameplay Suggestions
Hello EK community Devs (hopefully)! [nV] Uni here with some fresh card and spell/ability ideas. I hope you like them.

Card name: Elemental Zealot

Stars: 5*
Cost: 18
Turns: 4
Limit: 2 per deck
Elemental Type: All

Base Attack: 200 Max Attack: 450
Base HP: 1200 Max HP: 1660

Level 1: Gaia Blessing
- This card is all elements.

Level 5: Self - Sacrifice
- This card can not be healed. Elemental Zealot looses 200 HP each round and heals all of your cards for 300 HP. If a card has immunity it heals for 200 HP.

Level 10: Hand of Kami
- If the card Elemental Zealot attacks has immunity that card is stunned for 1 turn. (Does not effect DI monsters)

Gaia Blessing would allow players to use runes, that have difficult activation requirements, easier. This will give runes like Frostbite, Lore, Flying Stone, Nimble Soul, and Attic freeze that generally are in mono-element decks more versatility.

Self-sacrifice is a fun ability that allows healing of cards with immunity, which is limited to just runes at the moment. This would give abilities like Laceration, which effect cards with immunity, more worth to a player. As state in the ability Elemental Zealot comes inflicted with Laceration because I think it would be overpowered and easy to abuse if it didn't.

Hand of Kami is self explanatory and easy to see the power it wields. That power has to be limited to normal cards and not DI because it would just be too overpowered.

Card Name: Anti-Mage
Stars: 5*
Cost: 17
Turns: 6
Element Type: Swamp

Base Attack: 400 Max Attack: 730
Base HP: 1220 Max HP: 1850

Level 1: Counterspell
- Nullify the first spell or ability each of the opponents cards cast during the opponents turn.

Level 5: Silence
-1 of the opponents cards will not be able to cast any spells or abilities for 1 turn.

Level 10: Immunity
- Provides immunity to all spells and abilities.

Counterspell would add another dynamic to deck building. This would nullify spells or abilities casted by cards even with immunity since it doesn't target the card itself but the spell/ability. This would counter pesky skills like Resurrection as long as it was casted during the opponents turn and is the first spell that card casted. Fun.
Another variation of this ability could be "counter all level X (1, 5, or 10) spells and abilities the opponents cards cast during the opponents turn."

Silence is a spell casters worst nightmare. It gives players another option when deciding on how to deal with annoying spells/abilities like Resurrection, Reanimation, Exile, and Reincarnation.

Card Name: Ambrosia

Stars: 5*
Cost: 99
Turns: 6
Element Type: Special

A drink that will give your hero 100,000 experience points when consumed.

Card Name: Sweet Nectar

Stars: 4*
Cost: 99
Turns: 6
Element Type: Special

A drink that will give your hero 10,000 experience when consumed.

I'll add more later when I have more time. Edits will include new events, new cards, new abilities, and a new idea for crafting!

Thanks for reading,
[nV] Uni

P.S. Feel free to give suggestions on any of the abilities, cards, events and so on. As a community we can help better this game!


  • looks good Uni......
  • udaniudani Posts: 10

    looks good Uni......

    Thank you. Check out the one in general discussion. It has a bit more. I forgot to upset this one.
  • This looks really good! You put some thought into this.  Thanks, I hope that EK implements this in a new set of cards or even just a few special event cards.
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