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[Known Issue] Level 1 Potions

The store is not selling Level 1 Potions when it should be.

This issue is confirmed and has already been escalated to the developers, who are working on a fix.


  • I need help about this issue too...
  • Just. Add the item wtf why is this such a old topic and such a easy hot fix
  • Because they have never fixed anything or made any content update since the game was released they seem to have zero interest in this game.
  • Just praying on new peoples money is all this game seems to be about, because no level 50 would spend any money on this rip off
  • I am at lvl24 nearing 25 if they dont fix it soon i dont see a reason why i should stay!  They posted on Facebook that they did maintenance But it did not say what they did! The lvl 1 health bug sounds like it should be at the top of the list at least if they want to keep new players! 
  • Well happy to see this issue has been fixed :) big thanks to the devs!
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