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[END] Name that Skill (Song Edition)



  • beccahartbeccahart Posts: 3 Arc User
    TNT (AC/DC)

    • When card dies two opponent's cards explode and cannot return to battle 
    server: Destiny
    User: Morgainna
  • taldaastaldaas Posts: 3 Arc User
    Hammer time (MC Hammer)

    When card enters play all opponents cards are paralyzed, and all cards in opponents hand add 1 wait.

    Legacy server
  • mczanammczanam Posts: 1
    edited September 2014
    change the world (offspring)
    Upon receiving damage from a phisical attack, enemy card will swap enemy card position with the card with least attack on  enemy battlefield, if enemy card is already the one with least attack then it will be confused with a 50% probability . 

    Id: McZanam
    Server: Destiny
  • Whiplash (metallica)
    Adds 10 turns to every opponent card and deals 100 damage to each card waiting in opponents hand
  • Iron Maiden - Two Minutes to Midnight

    In two turns, all cards in play are destroyed, and all cards in players hands are returned to their respective decks.

    [Trisk] Quantum
  • deucedeuce365deucedeuce365 Posts: 2
    edited September 2014
    Living dead girl ( rob zombie)
    All female cards eliminated go straight into your hand rather than cemetary

    Deuce deuce
  • groceriegrocerie Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Whiplash ( metallica )
    After receiving damage return attacking card to opponent's deck

    HardOut destiny server
    Post edited by grocerie on
  • ej20ej20 Posts: 1
    Baibaba Bimba (Tenniscoats)
    This card randomly attacks any card on the opposing battlefield.
  • debregardebregar Posts: 2 Arc User
    Back In Black (ACDC)
    For everytime this card is resurected from the gaveyard attack & hp is increase by 40%.

  • elementalchriselementalchris Posts: 4 Arc User
    Power of love (Celine Dion) - quick strike casts mass confusion causing all enemy cards to temporarily fall in love with the caster, 60% chance of confusion for all enemy cards 

    [AoW] Chris - Fury server
  • Pink - Please don't leave me
    The affected defending card will no longer be able to use Reincarnation or Reanimation.

  • lycomilycomi Posts: 1 Arc User
    Katatonia - My Twin: If the hero has a card by the same name on hand, it is summoned straight into the battlefield.

    AverilHaley (Fury)

  • Take my breath away (Berlin)
    When opponent's Hero has got left less than 800 hp it kills him immediately

    Furs server Fury
  • Theme From "The Warriors"Barry De Vorzon

    TRUMPLE: triples damage, ignoring all resistances. If the damage exceeds defending card's HP, give the rest of the damage to the opposite player

    Player: ivanhoethebest
    Server: Legacy
  • yurenaiyurenai Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day) - After 30 rounds, a random card will be picked up from your enemy side and removed from the game each round.

    Server: Chaos
  • Katy perry-Fireworks
    Burns any opponent which attacks and inflicts damagee on it.That card will losses 250 hp after each move and restores 250 hp to all of your cards

  • Let it Go (Idina Menzel Frozen soundtrack) freeze one of your opponents cards skills for one turn
    mariebeth chaos server
  • Event has ended! 

    Winners will be chosen shortly! Thank you all for participating (:
  • How is the event over? It's only 7:38PM server time???
  • The event ended yesterday at 10:00 PT. That's 10:00 AM, not 10:00 PM (which we would have written as 22:00 PT). Please refer to the first post. Thank you.
  • Who won?

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