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[END] Community Cards

arcmobileteamarcmobileteam Posts: 166
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[EVENT] Community Cards
When: August 14th – August 20th 
Servers: All Servers!

Now that I have introduced myself, I want to get to know more about you! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured on our Facebook page and win 1500 Gems! What you’ll need to do:

  • Post a photo (or link to your photo) of yourself holding a piece of paper with your character name and server written on it. 
  • Photo must be vertical with at least a width of 480 and height of 640.
  • Give us a big smile, show us a goofy face, choose an epic pose, etc. 
  • If you're not comfortable with showing your face, you may hide parts of your face.
  • Server Name
  • Character Name
  • Favorite Kingdom
  • Favorite Card & Reason Why (Please keep it short!)
  • Unique Skill (If you were a card, what kind of skill would you have? It can be an epic skill, a silly skill, anything!)
Please post your entries in this thread! Can’t wait to see your entries and get to know more about you all!
- CM Twozi

Our team will pick 5 people to win 1500 Gems! We'll be holding this event every month so that more people can win!

  • The rewards will be sent out within 1 – 5 business days after the end of the event.
  • Please keep the entries clean and PG13 – inappropriate entries will be deleted and NOT considered for the contest. 
  • Only ONE entry per user! Users with multiple entries will NOT be considered.
  • Once we have picked our winners, we will announce them on Facebook. 
  • Any and all players are subject to disqualification at any point before, during, and after this competition for violating the Terms of Service or any of our rules of participation.
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  • suplf1suplf1 Posts: 1
  • donde publicamos la foto?
  • azerackazerack Posts: 21
    Sounds great except for the photo part, but that's okay, let someone else win them gems. B-)
  • Maybe a silly question, but where do you want these things posted?  In this thread?
  • fury Pacifist valhalla fire dire snapping turtle bloodsucker
  • @steponice - Yes, please post your entry here! Thank you (:

  • You can upload photos here?
  • Awww..cant post a pic from my phone :/
  • @lordbenedelphia @ladytwix - You'll need to upload the photo with a free image hosting site and then post the image/URL here.
  • lo12dodinlo12dodin Posts: 6 Arc User
    What kind of event is this? I don't want to be rude but is there a better event in game. Lore and selfie events has nothing to do with the game
  • groceriegrocerie Posts: 23 Arc User
    Well this is really the crappest event yet why not simply run the hydra event that every one actually wants
  • @cm thank you for putting together this event. It is appreciated
  • j4kewj4kew Posts: 3
    edited August 2014
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  • Server name: destiny
    Character name: little_laurel
    Favorite kingdom: forest
    Favorite card: moss dragon
    Why: my first 5 star card & most reliable card
    Creative skill: seduction- lures opposing forces card directly across to join forces with you for remainder of battle. Card returns to opponents deck after battle is completed. https://m.facebook.com/laurel.elaine?fref=nf&ref=bookmark
  • aragornmcaragornmc Posts: 3
    edited August 2014
    Character name: [CA] Arich
    Server: Destiny
    Favorite kingdom: Mountain
    Favorite card: Nuriel
    Why: for art and useful in deck
    Unique skill: The conversion of the card in front of a creature (such as Easter bunny) for 1 turn. After the reverse transformation, the creature gains immunity to transformation.
    Foto: https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10526073_774607135924377_6556452638218813657_n.jpg?oh=0e170c953dda765f927d1b28ff5d8826&oe=54737BD8

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  • arcmobileteamarcmobileteam Posts: 166
    edited August 2014
    @lo12dodin @grocerie - This is an event catered to the community, as I am the Community Manager for this game. In game events are not under my management, but I can send your feedbacks to the appropriate members. 

    @spikedpunchvictim - Thank you. (:

    Woohoo! Looks like we have some entries!

    @j4kew - Your photo is a bit too small. Can you give us an image that is at least 480x640? Also, you need to hold a sign with your character name and server. Please refer to the original post for more details.
    @dearmslaurel - Unfortunately, the link to your photo leads to an error page on Facebook. Can you give us a working link?
    @aragornmc - Nice photo! However, you need to hold a sign with your character name and server. Please refer to the original post for more details!
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  • Server Name: Legacy

    Character name: § Hankit

    Favorite Kingdom: Forest

    Facorite Card: Ice Dragon

    Why: First 5* card

    Creative Skill: Treachery-Upon entering the battefield Takes one card from enemy cementery straight into your battefield



  • Server Destiny
    Name smurphy00 [KoK]
    Kingdom mountain
    Card God of pain
    Why sick art work love abilities
    Skill immunity
    [url=http://postimage.org/]photo sharing[/url]
  • iamsortiamsort Posts: 13

    • Server Name : Harmony
    • Character Name : Arisboch      (Clan tag in front not sure how to create here)
    • Favorite Kingdom : Forest (But im in Swamp !)
    • Favorite Card & Reason : Prince of the Forest , Cause he makes all my Moss Dragons Kick Butt !
    • Unique Skill : Remove Immunity : Target a random enemy card and if it has Immunity it removes it.

  • carloviericarlovieri Posts: 4 Arc User

    Server Name: Chaos

    Character Name: Carloghan

    Favorite Kingdom: Tundra

    Favorite Card: Ice Dragon; My first 5 star card (not counting Fire Krin), it’s strong and the artwork is nice!

    Unique Skill: Stealing; Take a card from the opponent deck and put it in your hand.


  • [POST]
    • Server Name: Chaos
    • Character Name: Bernard
    • Favorite Kingdom: Forest
    • Favorite Card & Reason Why:  Northern Gladiator, the only card I know that can hit creatures with dodge or ice shield.
    • Unique Skill:  Life Link, Gain life for doing damage to the opposite player

  • @aragornmc - Nice photo! However, you need to hold a sign with your character name and server. Please refer to the original post for more details!
    Hi. Done:%)
  • ivanhoe69ivanhoe69 Posts: 3
    edited August 2014
    Character Name: ivanhoethebest

    Server Name: Legacy

    Favorite Kingdom: Mountain

    Favorite Card: Light Paladin, I love to reduce attack only to 130 Damage, reduce opponent's attack and increase mine!

    Epic Skill Reflect: reflect damage directly to attacker!

  • bloderprotectorbloderprotector Posts: 7
    edited August 2014

    - Harmony


    - [NC]Bloder


    - Swamp


    - Frostree-Folk; 160 max damage can deal on him, and restore 150 hp, the king of tanks....ho! and of course ...i hate mountains XD


    - "Your pain" Take 50% of damage dealt on creature and return him to the enemy creature.





    PD :Sorry but the hostpage cant do big pictures or selec the direction of the image

  • sornuelsornuel Posts: 3
    Server Name: chaos
    Character Name: Leniella
    Favorite Kingdom: Forest
    Favorite Card: Star Elf Priest because of the artwork :)
    Unique Skill: equilibrium (links cards HP with ATK; ATK increase if looses HP decreases if being Healed/gets HP buff)
  • dajmx1337dajmx1337 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Im thinking this isnt the place for all this social picture thingy... I think we all like events but to go all this trouble with finding img hosting isnt it
  • image
    CHARACTER NAME: Xukito123

  • Thanks for the feedback, @dajmx1337!
  • and the winners are? ..... ;)

  • ivanhoe69 schrieb:
    and the winners are? ..... ;)
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