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Hydra or like event

lo12dodinlo12dodin Posts: 6 Arc User
I think one of the best event is hydra event. It allows clan/individual ranking. Clan events are much more fun.


  • panor1panor1 Posts: 3
    Yes, agreed working together in your chosen clan is much more fun, should definitely make more of them!
  • groceriegrocerie Posts: 23 Arc User
    Not only do I think hydra event is the best event but with the new evo system it is now a requirement because it produces best gold rewards
  • groceriegrocerie Posts: 23 Arc User
    Ty for actually listening
  • Pfffff i think the hydra event was good when the cards was obtained per fire tokens,i not have cash to obtain gems, because no play events hydra?
  • I think we can all agree that the merrit cards were a mistake. But i think it's really annoying to see people bitching about how bad an event it is and how crappy the rewards are. With a medicore deck you will be able to get 900 gems, some ft and 10 mil gold without gemming, and that's not counting rank rewards. Handing out 4 5 star cards from dragon points alone were bigger mistake imo, it was way too many. .
    Anyway, my point is that the event is great as it is -unless maybe that the 200k dragon point reward should be a card, not fragments-, and people bitch way too much because it's not as good as it used to be.
  • killasrinkkillasrink Posts: 1 Arc User
    This hydra event sucks. The previous events where more rewarding then this
  • I find. This eventi its only for pro player! Someone eventi for new player !?!?
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