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New bug in Stranded in Space (STO) - Science optional won't complete

robertdamonrobertdamon Posts: 2 Arc User
Hi, the new version of Stranded in Space has a bug with the science optional accolade. After healing each injured crewmember there used to be dialogue and a click about sending them to the transporter pad. This dialogue and subsequent click is missing and therefore none of the three injured crew complete as healed (even though they're upright and fine. Nor do they go to the transporter pad and the accolade can't be completed as a result. Hope that's helpful.



  • rico007#9369 rico007 Posts: 1 New User
    seen it too my friend, you're not the only one with that bug. must be from all of the updates that's being changed recently. must be a lost command since new season came. I did get it too :(
  • robertdamonrobertdamon Posts: 2 Arc User
    Cheers Rico. And I just realised I posted this in the wrong part of the forum, sorry. Will check it's in the STO section.
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