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Is anyone else not getting ARC points anymore??

zyyphonzyyphon Posts: 3 Arc User
Looking at forums and Wondering if tis just me??


  • matt2047matt2047 Posts: 2 Arc User
    im not getting them eather
  • neutralis424neutralis424 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Here it's the 21st of March and the quest icon still hasn't shown back up yet.
  • marko#8396 marko Posts: 1 Arc User
    When will ARC points be available again?
  • crownmancrownman Posts: 10 Arc User
    ANY word, ANYWHERE, on WHEN Arc Quest's will be Returning?????
  • gorrrmmgorrrmm Posts: 4 Arc User
    Any chance a Dev can answer the question about when the quests will return?
  • kevinm1701akevinm1701a Posts: 3 Arc User
    Well the lack of communication from anyone in ARC about when the ARC quests are coming back is unacceptable. So until they want to answer us or make an announcement I will no longer be using the ARC launcher. I can run STO from it's own launcher and skip the headache and system draw it causes since it no longer gives any rewards.
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