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Warning about Kog

warhawkvictorywarhawkvictory Posts: 1 Arc User
Hello Elsword players,

This is my first, and probably only post. There are two things I'd like to bring to the attention of the public. The first is about an issue I recently ran into. Back in the summer I bought (on my main), and used (on my alt Karetah), a skill slot medal off the message board. I took some time away from the game back in August sometime. I would only log in once a week to check for updates. I logged Karetah in after the Transendence update and skill set B was locked. I reported the issue to customer support and they insist I never bought or used a medal on that character and that what I am seeing is a UI bug. All eight skills are still showing, I just can't use them. I'm suspecting it's a bug related to the new update, but they are insisting that, according to their logs, the only medal I ever used was a temp one back in the Chung/Eve revamp. I know I bought and used that medal and didn't, oh I don't know....dream it up. I mean they are expensive after all. I think I would notice my missing ED. They have now closed the matter and won't hear me anymore about it. Ok, end of complaint about Kog.

The second thing I want to do here is warn people about this sort of behavior. For those who don't know Koreans are notorious for this sort of behavior, moreso than any other MMO developers. This isn't the first Korean game where I've been given a run around over a bug or some other issue that wasn't my fault. It will however be my last. I suggest to anyone reading this to take many screenshots involving any sort of action that makes an important change to gameplay. (Like buying anything out of the item mall, using skill slot medals, etc.) That way if something should happen to stop working or disappear on you at least you will have a visual record to back up your claim.

I know my argument is pretty much unsubstantiated since I don't have evidence to prove what I am saying is true. However, I think their records are also either incomplete or corrupted. But whatever. I say I bought and used that medal and they say I don't. I just wanted to voice this to the public to get it out of my system. It doesn't mean much coming from me since I don't know anyone and have no friends here, but farewell Elsword.


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