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receiving pin

hi sir.. i used to play swordsman, but then i broke my pc and bought a new 1.. but the problem now is i dont receive any pin that requires to open my account in my new computer.. i registered using my yahoo mail.. any suggestion sir so can use my account again.. ty


  • strumslingerstrumslinger Posts: 551 Arc User
    Hey! Sorry to hear your PC broke. If you're having trouble with Arc Defender, you can go here: https://support.arcgames.com/app/games/detail/p/90/a_id/4440. Hopefully, our CS department can help you out.

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  • ganellon#8799 ganellon Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    *Same problem here, i have chosen that old post 'cause ARC doesnt letting me to post a new thread.*
    ARC-Defender sending no pin-mails anymore, i have no other option to login and i lost already many redeem codes.

    I made a new account over FB only to get in contact with the support-team and be able to send a ticket.
    Support ignores me completely and they keep saying:

    "Due to privacy and security reasons, we may only discuss details of your concern through the registered email address of the account. When replying to support tickets via email, make sure that you do so through the correct email address associated with your account or through the Arc site connected to the account in question."

    I explained 100 times that i sent already the confirmation-email (the one from the right address) but they dont want to do anything about it.

    Apparently they have some issues with ".de" domain addresses and they're not able to send or to receive emails from such sources - i know many people having the same problems but ARC-Team ignores everything and simply doesnt care about it.

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