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Make it possible to change log-in name and forum name?

phantazyiphantazyi Posts: 2 Arc User
I think its about time - we live in 2016 and yet its still not possible to change log-in/forum name.

I think this should be fixed.

What about you?
Shawnita - CeiI // R.I.P


  • phantazyiphantazyi Posts: 2 Arc User
    Shawnita - CeiI // R.I.P
  • in4achievementin4achievement Posts: 1 New User
    Bumping this thread and Agreeing. I'm a Data Analyst and Database Engineer, if you guys need assistance with updating your user databases to allow for Username/Display name changes I'd be happy to help. I accidentally linked this account to an old old account from 2011 (that I didn't recall creating) when I was signing in/up with Facebook and didn't realize I'd get stuck with this lame Display Name.

    Please Please Please, for the sake of all that is good allow your users this simple database fix.
  • baphomet13270baphomet13270 Posts: 1 New User
    edited July 2017
    I mtotally agree with you. I send a ticket to support to change my pseudo. They say it s impossible. Can you plz change that ?
  • mysteriousjepetomysteriousjepeto Posts: 1 New User
    I also agree ! Spoke with a person from support who told me to this actual date it's impossible. It's a damn shame. This feature is important since many new people are joining.
  • Sorry to kinda steal this post. New account so can't create a new post yet :P
    Just created an account with Arc and for some reason, my IGN in Gigantic has a #XXXX (with X's being numbers) after it..?? Tried to change IGN but no way to. Also submitted a ticket to change it and they say it's impossible?

    Anyone else frustrated by this?
  • exu83exu83 Posts: 1 New User
    Anyone who claims that changing a username is impossible is obviously lying.
    They simply don't want you to.

    I'll just create another account with my secondary email.
    I didn't even know I had this account and luckily there are no purchases tied to it.
  • tcozz1tcozz1 Posts: 1 New User
    I would also like this feature. It possible to do it on other platforms with companies like Blizzard and Epic games. It would be great to do it here to, even if they set limitations.
  • steamdudusteamdudu Posts: 1 New User
    this is literally the only reason why i don't play Arc games lol :D
  • parallax#0719 parallax Posts: 1 New User
    Yes! Being able to have a login name / username setup like Steam does would be wonderful. (Or allow our steam name to show up ingame)
  • d3lgado#2602 d3lgado Posts: 1 New User
    for example playing gigantic and having this lame name - D3LGADO#32456 ... something. please
  • This is literally the only thing stopping me from buying the Ultimate Pack on Gigantic. I do not want #XXXX next to my name when I never asked for it in the first place. How do I go about removing this?
  • filip1995soulfilip1995soul Posts: 1 New User
    Same here, FFS we have 2017 and you still can't make it that displayed name is different from the account name? What's so hard about it Arc, please enlight us.
  • koolboy223koolboy223 Posts: 1 Arc User
    It's 2018. I read on the Arc / Steam Release FAQ saying that on quote, "We are exploring adding this functionality in the future." Don't know how long, but hopefully soon. Maybe towards the end of this year. Because Next year would be Arc Games 10th anniversary.
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