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APB:R, Can I run this game?

APB:Reloaded is an animal of its own.  You might have a decent computer that can play the likes of crisis, Battlefield, Call of Duty or many other high end games, but you may still struggle with APB.  It is a finicky game, will run well on some low end machines yet like garbage on high end machines.  Its a combination of being a work in progress, and the nature of the customization in the game.  You figure when you log into a district, your computer has to download up to 100 players with potentially hundreds of unique individual emblems on their bodies, clothes and vehicles, process them, and render them fluidly on your screen all the while processing the "living" environment, mission parameters, other player locations, targets and everything else within the game.  Not to mention the large size of the districts you need to load.

Tips for those of you WANTING to play but are having trouble.

1. If your trying to play on a laptop:   Unless you have a 2500$ Alienware/MSI/Asus gaming laptop, do not expect the HP/Dell/Toshiba with integrated graphics and a 5400 RPM hard drive to play APB:R.
2. If your on a Pentium 4/Celeron/AMD Athlon XP/64 single core CPU, do not bother trying.
3. If you only have 2GB of RAM, do not try.
4. 32 bit OS?  Upgrade.

Ignore the retail listing for requirements- they are out of date.
Minimum of a dual core CPU, preferably a quad core.  AMD Phenom or better, Intel *Core2Duo or better, (b260/P4w HT are not good enough).
*4GB of RAM, better yet 6-8GB.
*Mid to high end video card range- example would be anything Nvidia 550/650/750/ or better. 
*64 Bit OS.  If you are running a 32 bit OS, you will encounter 2 limitations- it can only see 3.5 GB of RAM, no matter how much you have.  And it can only allocated 2GB of RAM to any given executable.  APB will cross that mark quickly after launch, causing a crash.  You can run the 3GB switch, but with only 3.5GB available, this may cause less than desirable affects from the OS.

Tips (upgrades) to improve gameplay:
* Solid State Hard Drive.  SSD's are becoming Cheaper and more mainstream.  The difference is night and day.  While a standard Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM HDD may read data at 80-100MB per second and write at 30-50MB per second, an Intel 520/530 series 120GB SSD will read/write at up to 550MB per second.  This means loading data from the HDD and writing to the Assett Cache is considerably faster, and will make a marked performance increase, even on a lower end machine.  (not to mention everything else you do will be markedly better).  SSD is a cheap way to revive an aging PC (meaning anything from 3-10 years old will have a obvious increase in performance, breathing new life into older hardware).
*Adding RAM.  If your running 4GB of RAM, another 4GB is cheap- or even an 8GB kit.  It will also give you noticable gains in APB, among other things you may do on your PC.
* Updating drivers-  If you have a good machine, and are having issues with APB- Reinstall all of your drivers with current versions, in this order- Chipset, Video, Audio, Lan and everything else after.  Uninstall the current, reboot, then install the new.  Rebooting after the uninstall ensures a clean removal, and rebooting after the new install ensures everything gets written and lets you know if there is a Driver error on reboot.  Doing chipset first is important, because the video and audio drivers make changes to the chipset driver and doing chipset after can cause adverse affects, as the video and audio changes have not been made.
* Upgrade CPU- Some older gen intel boards running Core2Duo can also handle Core2Quad.  AMD is roughly the same, often you can run up to a 6 core AMD in a board you have been running a dual core in.

Last but not least- always remember the just cause your box can handle crysis 2 at full settings does not mean it can handle APB.  APB is unique in its own way, both in gameplay, AND in how it runs on various flavors of computers.
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  • ipoods#7385 ipoods Posts: 1 New User
    edited July 2017
    is there any other way to play gigantic? many of us have 4ram. why would the developers restrict playing gigantic on 4 gb ram? its like putting a wall between players who want to appreciate the game. thats just cruel. So i there a way to play gigantic?
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