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  • kitty#8448 kitty Posts: 3 Arc User

    Title: virgo (5 Star card) freezes the game every time

    Location: while in combat. Arena and düngen.

    Body: when virgo is able to seccessfully trigger / Use the card abilities, the game freezes. Happens evrytime, in Arena, in dungeons and in replays

    Steps to Reproduce: (make sure its short and simple)

    1. User virgo in a Deck and play her.

    2. Virgo need to seccessfully trigger her abilities.

    3. Game will freeze now

    Observed Result: every time i Player virgo and she is able to trigger her card effect, the enemy cards slowly moves from right to left on the enemy board until they completly disapear. The game freeze at this point. I am Not able to play the match or click anything. It happens with 1x, 2x and 4x Speed. I have to restart the game to play After this freeze but sadly i cant See or play my last Match. Also when i watch a battle log replay, the game will freeze when the virgo abilities are triggered.

    Expected Result the abilities should work and not freeze my game

    Screenshot: (if available)

  • drakos3333drakos3333 Posts: 1 New User
    He EK TEAM since Last Month the Cards Strange Visitor, Horned King, crazy Train and many More Cards have noch Pitcture . Please can you fix it, or is it.
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