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Maybe the players who still want to play eso and appreciate it over the years can start a petition. just an idea, I know everyone feels down and out about it but maybe it could work.


  • roartiger60roartiger60 Posts: 4 Arc User
    what are your thoughts on it?
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    I agree, just cause they didn't do any updates in game doesn't mean we don't wanna play it. I'm lvl 131 and just cause they decided to close it doesn't give them rights to throw away my and everyone's else hard work.
  • ilcoveryouilcoveryou Posts: 1 New User
    I've been playing almost every day for the past two months, along with a few other people, in an attempt to revive ESO. We thought it was working, since it even got the GMs' attention. They even did the Trivia Friday event, to which people showed up to.

    The developers still care about the game, and they've got people to play it. If we could get some support, ESO would actually come back. We've even got a whole aliance of people who are starting to play again.

    Consider it, PWE higher ups.
  • maggielindamaggielinda Posts: 1 Arc User
    When I heard about eso closing i tried all the way to re-install it and play it again, never knew this would happen, i don't want it to happen.There's no other game like eso, its so original and unique, maybe other games might have better grafics and stuff, maybe yes, but this graphics anime-like and along with all the features itself, including embrace... There's no game like this, and belive me i tried!! Evertime i play a dif game i always end up in eso!!
    And all the memories on it! Please eso is my childhood! I don't want it to close. Ik its just a game but it still does hurt.

    Btw even if it's closing, and even if we cannot do anything about it, i'd like to play on the last months, i wish it was downloadable again :'(
  • xzyzekxzyzek Posts: 27 Arc User
    Well I think it is very lame that people can't download the game anymore. I know many former players that tried to, but can't. All they want is one last look at the game, and maybe catching up with other people that they lost contact with. Just add a notice about the game will shut down.
  • amachan10amachan10 Posts: 15 Arc User
    Been saying this for years: all they care about is the profit not the happy feelings it creates.
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  • daniel86xdaniel86x Posts: 8 Arc User
    someone need to put game on pi.rate b... you know wher that i dont write full name :) that old players can download it
  • roartiger60roartiger60 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Ok, then how can we get this petition started should we call or send request not to shut the game down. Many of us just need to make it clear we don't want this game to shut down, spread the word about this petition idea. This might be our only option
  • roartiger60roartiger60 Posts: 4 Arc User
    I found out perfect world's contact # is (650)-590-7700 and their fax # is (650)-593-3543 we can start their by calling and faxing
  • amachan10amachan10 Posts: 15 Arc User
    Should've did something like this when we heard that we werent getting anymore sales/new content xD
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  • malicoremalicore Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    You guys seriously need to stop or you'll hurt yourselves...
    The game has run it's course, just accept it.

    Yessss... Harrass a company to keep a dead game. GREAT idea! (Faxing them isn't going to change a damn thing)
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    Noone cares what you think lol
  • hustlemanhustleman Posts: 3 Arc User

    Noone cares what you think lol

    Obviously you do. She's right, this is a company, it would not be in their best interest to keep a dead game running. Just go find another game, there are many more out there now that are way better then this one.
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    Eso is actually the best made game, it's their fault that players are gone, they stopped taking care of it. You can see that many ppl love that game by going to pserver just cause there isn't gm in offical. Lol if you don't plan on doing this petition then idk why are you here, it's my own decision if i'll stick with others.
  • hustlemanhustleman Posts: 3 Arc User

    Eso is actually the best made game, it's their fault that players are gone, they stopped taking care of it. You can see that many ppl love that game by going to pserver just cause there isn't gm in offical. Lol if you don't plan on doing this petition then idk why are you here, it's my own decision if i'll stick with others.

    Actually, being that I come from that division, the private servers aren't in any better shape then they were a few years ago. There are private servers of lesser known games that do better and have a bigger, and quite frankly more loyal, fan base then ESO does.

    As for it being the "best made" game...that is not only subjective to a point, but its not true even in technical terms. Just find another game to play and you may think differently. If you need help moving on to different games, there are sites with well written reviews (and plenty with half-assed ones) that can help you out, not to mention your friends, if you have any, can direct you to some fun online games.

    Or just take a break from MMOs in general as I am and play offline/solo games. Go pick up the new Tales of Zestiria on steam and hope you get the free copy of Tales of Symphonia, imo both great games.

    Just do something other then wasting your time with this "petition" as it will fail unless you throw tons of money at PWE. They aren't interested in keeping a game for sentimental reasons as they just don't have the money or server space to waste on a game that is only draining their funds and will have no new content added.

    I know you think its harsh, but its the cold truth. Gotta deal with it and move on.
  • amachan10amachan10 Posts: 15 Arc User
    couldnt have said it better myself hustleman holy shyt. but the ppl trying so hard are stubborn and wont let it sink in that they cant do a single thing but let time and what has been decided to take affect.

    I dont want to see this game go but making petitions and half hearted attempts at harrassing the higher ups after they decide to shut ESO down. is a little bit too late isnt it? if anyone really cared they would've been doing this type of action back when there wasnt too many ppl playing and hardly no sales.
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  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    This pettition isn't hard lol just type something in like 2 min or so and done. I don't find this any waste of time cauae it's not really much of a time xD i don't see what's your problem, you're the one wasting your time here by telling us we're doing stupid thing. I'll do whatever i wanna do so you can just stop checking this forum o.o go do your own things, i'll do mine.
  • xzyzekxzyzek Posts: 27 Arc User
    Really hate to say this, but can't really argue against them shutting this game down. For sure I really like this game, wish I would be able to log in to this world as long I wanted to.

    This is the first MMO game I ever played, I have tried others, but in the end always been coming back to ESO. Lately I been trying out some other games, which have been rather nice. But none that felt like ESO. For sure it is not perfect, but I still like it. It is simple, easy and chill. But yet I think it is about time for this game to shut down.

    While I been looking for other games, I found reviews about ESO, saying how empty and dead the game seems. Thing is many of those posts was already written back in 2012... If you would compare 2012 with this year, 2012 would seem way more active...

    Could point fingers at PWE and say they didn't do this and that. But done is done, now there is too late. Let us say they change their mind and keep the game running. Then what? The game will still be same dying game as always. Yeah people will still keep logging in, so would I time to time as long other people did.

    This is a ss I took many years ago:

    photo aaaaaaaaaa_zps1bbeceeo.png

    121 people online in one ally... And most of those actually just one person per char, since alts wasn't accepted. Today on AR, the supposedly "active" server, we don't even have 121 active people on the whole server.

    Let us continue pretending they won't shut down the game. A problem is that there is very difficult to get new players into this game, as there is pretty much nothing for them to do until higher level. When I started playing, I could find people to do every dungeon with, could find the stuff I needed. Now that is impossible. I remember helping two new players in d2 with my healer, took them +10 min to kill last boss, for sure they would not been able to kill it without my help. Even with another healer in party, their lvl, doubt they would make it.

    Compare that with another game I recently started playing, already at lvl 10 you can do a dungeon, alone. Can even enter a PvP battlefield and have fun. In ESO you need at least to be 115, with really nice 115 gear to do some dmg in PvP. Preferably 130. And these days people farm two dungeons, one is 110+ to enter and the other 115+, before that? Nothing.

    This game would need lots, lots, lots and lots of people starting to play at the same time. Which I guess is impossible, even if they would start advertising. If PWE started caring about this game, at most some old players would come back. But doubt enough players would come back, making it worth the effort.

    Of course I'm not happy about how PWE been handling all this during the years. When my friends wanted me to try out Neverwinter with them, I was like "No. No. No. Never." Maybe harsh, but that is how bad I think PWE been handling all this. The lack of communication with us players have been really bad, almost none at all last years.

    It is as they say in the announcement, they can't "deliver a quality experience" to us. In fact they have not been delivering it for years. The reason I've kept on playing is because I like the game, not because of PWE. Now at least I don't have to see them neglecting it anymore. :)
  • malicoremalicore Posts: 4 Arc User
    All games have a life-span no matter how "good" it is to you. Being the "best" to you doesn't mean it's the same for others.
    ESO had a good run intil 3 years ago and if they ever wanted to keep it running, a good server wipe would have been the best option and making it harder to level. All the teamwork energy this game had went into bullying each other and harrassment. I'm pretty sure the GM's of this game had enough of the constant belly-aching and whining a lot of players were doing, causing them to leave or be moved elsewhere.
    You're pretty ignorant if you think this is the best game out there, a lot of people I've showed this game to have had problems with how it looked visually; "their faces look weirdly deformed" "The bodily prortions are odd".

    Greedy players are just as bad as neglectful moderators.
  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    Hey! Moderators don't work for PWE. xD
  • amachan10amachan10 Posts: 15 Arc User
    I'm pretty sure Mal is referring to the people above and beyond the forum people.
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  • sunblastcoderedsunblastcodered Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    The state of the game is too sad to continue. Trust me, I wish this game didn't end up the way it did. I played 5 years straight and made so many friends and memories. Spent so much time, effort, and money.... there is no way to revive the game and no way for the DEs to make a big enough change to bring back old players. This game had the best community. Everyone knew each other and spent so much time together. I've even meet some friends in real life because of ESO! There is no other game out there like this but with all good things, it must come to an end. ESO has been abused by the DEs long enough and the DEs have abused us long enough......

    Jinchi from FP. ( #1 pet collector and only player to have gotten +13 on his weapon..... heh)

  • everyone's getting mad about it shutting down but the game has been dying slowly since the update years back where they changed pokari and a bunch of other stuff.
    its pointless for them to keep it online when next to no one plays it, its just a waste of money for them they should haven't to do that just because of our nostalgia and love for the game. Its a company not a friend they are trying to make a profit.
    plus people are into newer things like destiny and what not.
    I think its time that its time everyone just let the game die peacefully or joined the private servers :/
    Tbh i think i might be the longest running gamer for this thing too lol i started playing in 2009-2010 (not saying i am but i haven't met anyone else who has been around since that time) but i stopped playing consistently a couple years back and would just on maybe once or twice a month. and you could see everyone slowly disappearing.
    i see people fighting to keep the game up but i see no one online playing it.

    and i know for a fact that even in its early days there wasn't as many people as there were in other games in that time. but looking back at that now and comparing to how many players there is right now? there were a lot of people.

    This post is kind of all over the place but you get the point.
    sorry guys. Its got to go
  • sylenthundersylenthunder Posts: 256 Community Moderator
    HOly Necro.... samurai-48.gif​​
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