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[Admin] Welcome to Dawn of the Immortals

[Admin] Welcome to Dawn of the Immortals

Welcome Dear Adventurer,

It is nice to see you have found your way to Dawn of the Immortals!

What is Dawn of the Immortals?

It is a 3D mobile action RPG. It boasts a cute, steampunk style world with a large number of instanced dungeons, fierce boss fights, pets, mounts, and so much more. There will be three unique classes to choose from at launch, each with their own distinct feel and skills. 

We are proud to announce that we have begun our limited release schedule!

This first set of releases is on iOS only and designed to check for crashes and major bugs. We are limited the release to a small number of countries (currently 15). 

**Please note that the free pet for pre-registering will not be sent out until the official world-wide release.

Here are the countries that now have access to Dawn of the Immortals in the iOS App Store: Israel, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Vietnam, Kuwait, Mexico, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Turkey, Netherlands, and Spain. 

To help us out, if you have crashes or bug reports once you are in the game, tap on the Arc Mobile button (floating button on the upper left part of the screen in-game), then tap on the forums button, and submit a bug report in the Bug Reports forum section! 


Need help? Contact the support team via email at [email protected]


  • michaeljamesstocummichaeljamesstocum Posts: 1 Arc User
    Make low lv pots
  • Agree^
  • Thanks pwi , this has to be one of the least pay to win title offered, I love the model. The devs took the time and didn't rush! This is a top notch mmo in my hand.
  • zoleozoleo Posts: 12
  • Hey item me missing after game update you responsible? ???
  • after last nights update , i logged on to find out im missing 800k coin , im new to this game and only been playing for a week . noone has my info and i havent used it to buy anything . funny how its all gone soon as i logg in after the update . 
  • When is the release of new server??? 
  • vritzzvritzz Posts: 5
    Admin, dont selfishly merge the server yorke into natine..
    dont just create new server, and then combine it with the old one, we join new server to own that server, whats the point if u will join them together, it is so selfish, we spent a lot of cash in yorke already, now u join that server with old one?? selfish admin, it is your responsible to make the game better, but not with your selfish way..damn it, and i have recharge 11k red, they dont even give my recharge reward, said u fix that, go to hell admin, i havent get my recharge reward yet..u scammer..
  • aldos89aldos89 Posts: 1 Arc User
    CAn u fix this daily vip claim rewards ... i can colect it only every 2 days wtf ..  sent  mails to suport  no answer at all  ...   get your  stuffs togheter n  do your job
  • evermuevermu Posts: 1 New User
    What answer talk to yorke ??? Plz help me
  • frozkefrozke Posts: 1 Arc User
    aldos89 wrote: »
    CAn u fix this daily vip claim rewards ... i can colect it only every 2 days

    Got THE same problem
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