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Claim rewards when combat power reaches

After the update, once your CP reaches certain amount you can claim some rewards. After I have gotten the 100k rewards, are there still rewards if I increase it to 110k?


  • lvenlven Posts: 79
    Yup after that you will receive more rewards.
  • But why i can't get the 100K cp ? i have 109K now and still no rewards.
  • lvenlven Posts: 79
    kyujiro said:
    But why i can't get the 100K cp ? i have 109K now and still no rewards.
    I'll inform them of your continuous error with cp rewards.
  • kyujirokyujiro Posts: 36
    edited November 2014
    OK thanks, no choice to wait anyway.

    They will need to check my account and ask SERVER and IGN so:

    IGN: Yamanotsuke
    Server: Natine
    Class: Berserker
  • I didn't get my 100k reward too. Right now I'm 119k, I didn't get any for 110k rewards too. What is the next quantum to get CP rewards?
  • Dear all,

    It seems this cp rewards need a fix. I have 117k cp now and still nothing too. Before i though it was because of my level, like if it required lvl 60 to get it, but it seems it's not the case. Anyway lot of players have the same bug, but only few report it here.

    Best regards.
  • I'm pretty sure there are no rewards after 100k... Well I haven't seen them :)
  • kamidokakamidoka Posts: 1 Arc User
    Having same problem. My wife's account also did not distribute 100k combat power reward.
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