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Server Merge Info - PLEASE READ - Date of Merge Tentative

arcmobileteamarcmobileteam Posts: 166
edited January 2015 in News & Events
Attention DOI players, to help improve your user experience, we are planning to merge Yorke and Natine into one server (Natine). We will announce when the official date is set for the merge. 

After the server has been merged, recharge rewards, merit rankings, and achievement rewards will be reset. Please claim your recharge rewards as soon as possible before the servers are merged. 

Characters from Yorke will be transferred to Natine, limited to a total of Five active characters per account. If you have more than 5 characters spread out between the two servers, please delete any alt characters you don't wish to keep. This will ensure that you do not have more than a total of 5 characters combined on both servers.

If you have any issues, or have more than 5 characters that you feel strongly about keeping, please post on this thread BEFORE the official date when it is set, and we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of.

Thanks again for your understanding, we hope to improve your experience by focusing our efforts on one server. 

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  • kyujirokyujiro Posts: 36

    That's a good and bad news. Usually merging servers isn't the best thing to keep players playing, many will quit or will wait your next server, some weeks later probably.

    Merging isn't an event, players are waiting more. Take care.

    Best regards.
  • ikkadnikkadn Posts: 1

    The best way to ward off all active players in Yorke
  • kyujirokyujiro Posts: 36
    Dear GM,

    The merge will make quit many players, specially those from Yorke server, but i propose a better issue.

    I suggest a temporay merge event during 1 week.

    The both server will merge together and will back to the normal after. Natine in his side, Yorke too.

    During this temporary merge, you could and should put an extra event. Like the Chinese year is coming soon, we should add and wish a new event.

    In the game, there are 4 items named "Dawn", "Of", "The", "Immortals".
    When we have this 4 items, we click and get a random item. What I suggest is a similar thing but with 3 items "Happy" "New" "Year". We will loot those items against map bosses and in instances, as an additional random item.

    The Reward thing will be different because we will have to talk to a NPC to get the reward.
    There will be 4 different rewards requirement. One for 3x Happy, Another for 3x New, another for 3x Year, then the best and last reward for 1x Happy 1x New 1x Year.

    Feel free to chose the reward ;)

    Best regards.
  • Dear GM, Keep in thoughts that if you merge Natine and Yorke there will be more lagg. And the other players allready suffer with dc's because of the slow internet in the countries. lot of players including friends ive made in game say they stop if the merge is completed. Plz don't let me lose my friends and you alot of fine players! Thx for reading this.

  • foxykisses22foxykisses22 Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    are you goin to merge all severs cause that would be epic ... cause I have toons on Harshlands that I would love to bring to Ragging Tides ... Ik harshlands is PVP n tides is PVE still though that would be epic cause trading coins sever to sever is illegal n banned its why I makin the statement.. I have friends that want to come to Tides but don't feel like making a new toon n starting over they are 2Rbs n doing a all merge would be the best like make a teleport with lists of severs so it makes it easy on who wants to stay n who doesn't why merge one sever n not all of them
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  • fail001fail001 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Should of put Lost and Hashlands together and kept it pvp. What a fail in my opinion!!
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