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Need to ask something..Me new to this game

skyknight1999skyknight1999 Posts: 1
edited May 2015 in Elsword
As i mentioned in the Title that i m new to elsword so let me get to the point is this game really FUN TO PLAY?I played Counter strike then i went to PLAY RAIDER Z which was launched by perfectoworld but that game is dead then i tried to Play blade and soul CN but my pc cannot run it.And i never ever played a 2D game -_- and elsword got Fast combat like raider Z so i thought to ask on Forum.
So is this really PVP based game or its same like other mmo who needs to be FARM FARM FARM AND FARMING THINGS!?IS IT FREE TO PLAY!?

Thank you in advance!

Edit:I am from India so there is no IP block rite?


  • velkrosvelkros Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    This game is PvE and PvP based. There is a high competitive PvP base but you most likely need to do PvE to get the most out of gear. Of course, there is sparring gear but unless they changed it, the highest PvE gear was better than the PvP Sparring Gear. I never played RaiderZ. I wanted to, but didn't get to it. So, I ended up uninstalling it.


    This is if this is region blocked.
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