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Mythical Beast Soul

theorchestraltheorchestral Posts: 31
edited June 2015 in General Discussion
So... Once again something's implemented without any explanation... Now our pets can increase their strength (and ours when used as an avatar) through "mythical beast soul" But does anyone know where to get it? Is it dropped by a mob? In an instance? I can't find it


  • Lol. I'm answering my own post... Anyway
    I just discovered there's quite a lot of mythical beast soul gems in jade fairyland!! (Sat/Sun team instance).
    I know there's also a mythical beast hunting ground... But even after killing beasts, I've not got any gems :(
    Anyway, I thought I'd update u on my findings so far.
  • Ok, more answering my own posts. At lv 70 the Dukes prison gives u these mythical beast summoning stones. 5 of them summon a mythical beast if you're in their hunting ground. You can get soul from killing them 3 times per day.
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