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trade cards only between the clan

Van be possível the players of same clan havê trade cards and anothers thins , thats van be possível?


  • hwhshwhs Posts: 2
    Sorry can be
    Possible the players have make trades in the game than they are in the same clan? Will be help very much the clans with a little players?
  • maceofwindumaceofwindu Posts: 34 Arc User
    I believe EK's position on this is that a number of players would abuse the system and trade cards to a main account from a smurf account.
    For example: A high level player could leave their clan to join their smurf accounts clan, then utilize free gems/fire tokens from the smurf account to obtain the cards and then trade them to the main account. With said additional cards, the high level main account could then return to the primary clan with a larger number of power cards.
    Fury Server
  • mcmb03mcmb03 Posts: 2
    Yeh unless you want to say goodbye to all free gems, etc this will never happen. Too easy to abuse.
  • silverevlisilversilverevlisilver Posts: 1 Arc User
    Solution sell 5 star cards and shinneys in packs of 5 or 10 or 15 for 7.99 same as pokemon cards all other card based games sold as starters pack 7.99 beginners pack 10.99 pro pack 17.99 elite pack 22.99 ultimate pack 30.99

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