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long list of skill ideas

There are a ton of great skills in the game already I thought these might be fun though.

Feint : If this card would damage the opponents health, if they still have a card in play it damages that card instead.

QS/DS  - Reinforcements: Draw an extra card add it to your hand. 

QS/DS - Sabotage: take a random card from your opponents deck and put it in their grave yard.

Grave robbery:  take a card from your opponents grave yard and put it in your hand.

Bribery: if this card sends an opponent card to the grave yard put it back in play on your side.

Inspiration: when any other card enters the battle field, this cards HP/max HP/ and attack increase by (+10 for each level of this skill) 

Leadership: when this card comes in to play it moves to the front (left side) of the card line up, and the card currently at the front moves to the back(right side). 

Scapegoat: If this card would die and go to grave yard, another random card you own goes to the grave yard instead, and this cards HP is recovered by the remaining amount of HP that card had.
(Works one time for each level of the skill)

Luck: when this card attacks, damage dealt will be a random number from
(1 per skill level + card level) - to- (100 per skill level + card level x10)
(these cards attack are " * "  an asterisk instead of set numbers) 
(These cards are immune to wicked leach and other attack altering skills)

Mutation: when this card enters the battle field the mutation skill is replaced by a random skill from the opponents highest cost card on the battle field.

Imitation: when this card enters the battle field the Imitation skill is replaced by a random skill from the highest cost card you have on the battle field.

Displacement: when this card enters the battle field a duplicate of it also materialises on the battle field. If either of them leave the battle field both are removed from the battle field.

(Forest, Swamp, Tundra, Mountain) Double agent: this card is also (insert element type here) in addition to its original element, and gets all penalties and bonuses that may apply to that element as well as it's own. (Hand, grave, and battle field as well as rune effects and activation)

Intimidation: the card across from this card can attack but can not activate any skills.

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