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Pending Update

solcitsesolcitse Posts: 11 Arc User
edited April 2015 in General Discussion
Lets take a look at the chain of events:

We were promised an update, via Facebook, at the end of the month (March)

Alot of bugs happen "as a result of the pending update" causing:
  -Hour (sometimes multi-houred) disruptions of gameplay resulting in
       -Loss of instances
       -Loss in Jade
       -Loss of items
       -Loss of money
  -Our reward system getting messed up:
       -VIP rewards
       -Treasure map
       -Daily Login Rewards
  -Massive Disconnects resulting in all of the same problems listed above

All of which resulting in compensation by the game staff, however here we are, in April, and no update.  Even stranger, the post on Facebook has been deleted!  I can not be the only player upset by this.  We as players, and customers, are entitled to communication by the DOI staff and we are entitled to an explanation.  Even if the explanation is unsavory, man up and post it!  If things do not begin to change, I can see alot of players switching to more stable and better games like:
-Arcane Legends
-Order & Chaos (my personal favorite)
-Stilland War
Just to name a few!

DOI you are NOT the only mmo on the mobile market, or even the best (in fact far from it), so i suggest you stop acting like it.
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