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ArCast: Let's Play Torchlight II - Part II

When: Thursday 3/26 from 2-3:30 PM PST

Where: Perfect World Twitch Channel

Room Name: Arc Games Room (Password: arcast)

What: Let’s Play Torchlight II – Part II


-          500 Zen for 3 Lucky Winners.

-          Separate drawing of 500 Zen for anyone who joins Andy’s party on-stream (Tweet us if you’re interested @PlayArcGames)

-          Additional winners if we reach 200 and 400 viewers.

Andy will be continuing his Let’s Play for Torchlight II ArCast! For those of you who have TLII, join the room with the following information: Search “Arc Games Room” and enter the password “arcast.” For anyone who joins Andy’s party, you’ll be part of a separate drawing to receive 500 Zen because you’re awesome like that – seeing as how you can have 6 members in a party, that’s a 1 in 5 chance of winning 500 Zen.

Come hang out with communities from all our games on Arc, make new friends and of course, win some ZEN. We’ll be giving away ZEN every 20 minutes during the ArCast, which can be used for any of our games on Arc.

Three lucky viewers will receive 500 ZEN each for use in all of our games on Arc. Yup, it’s your choice:

-          Neverwinter

-          Star Trek Online

-          PWI

-          Forsaken World

-          War of the Immortals

-          Battle of the Immortals

-          Jade Dynasty

-          Ether Saga

-          Champions Online

-          Blacklight

-          RaiderZ

-          Swordsman

-          Fortuna

So put your goggles on, ready your weapons and head on over to the ArCast this Thursday. 

Call me Andy (or Strum, or Spider-Man)!
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