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*again* a fix ( admin dont delete this time? :P )

dorkkartdorkkart Posts: 6
edited March 2015 in Elsword
Aparently my previous post was deleted!
But meantime found out that Aeria games is also NOT for EU residents.
Aparently you need to go too http://en.elsword.gameforge.com/
Has todo with rights aparently, different publishers have different country's to host this game. And its filterd on IP ( your connection)
This can be masked but is a hasle, so google wich host has the rights for elsord in your country.
For netherlands it apears to be gameforge ( installing it YET again :) )
Also just found out this game been outthere for some time already! Just never heard about it untill ARC mentioned it :wink: 
Domo Arigato for that :blush: 


  • dorkkartdorkkart Posts: 6
    edited March 2015
    And to confirm the Gameforge version works perfectly ( netherlands) so EU residents should try that one :) And next time ARC could be a bit more clear on region licence? So we dont have to figure it out ourself? :open_mouth: 
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