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A few questions about Arc Elsword


Plotlover from yesterday's stream here.

Since I was told Elsword was now on Arc games I attempted to use the Arc client to try it out but I ran into a number of issues.

1) Whenever I ran the game through Arc's client I would get a strange IE window with the words "True" and "failed"

What's up with this?

2) Whenever I ran the game through the ArcLauncher.exe in the Arc folder the game client itself would just sit there not responding at all, causing me to force close it through admin rights. I know there's another topic about this issue with StrumSlinger telling us we need to delete other versions of Elsword we may have. Can anyone confirm?
Also, why do we need to uninstall other versions of Elsword(KoG's, Gameforge's, etc)? I find that really odd...

3) I looked through the Arc folder after installing Elsword and I can't seem to find where the game itself is stored. Why am I asking this? Because when you take a screenshot or record a video the game, by default, saves these files in the folder where the corresponding version of elsword is stored. Do we not have access to them when using Arc's Elsword?





  • strumslingerstrumslinger Posts: 551 Arc User
    Hey plotlover,

    Thanks for joining the stream! Sorry for the late reply, but I'm glad you're checking out Elsword.
    1) Did you previously have Elsword installed before trying to install it on Arc? If not, try reinstalling the Elsword client.
    2) Yeah, we're looking into this issue. Oh, I guess you read my other response :D. If you don't feel comfortable uninstalling the other versions, hang tight as we're trying our hardest to fix this issue.
    3) Elsword should default into C:\Program Files (x86).

    Again, thanks for bringing this up as it helps out a lot!


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