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Forum, how does it work?

I have created a discussion in BLR:R sub-category, to be precise I created a thread in
Home › Blacklight Retribution › Серверная but the thread itself is not visible, but it is there, somewhere (http://perfectworld.vanillaforums.com/discussion/7409/bag-reporty). So, is this a bug? If so is there a moderator that could move it somewhere where it would be visible? Mayhaps dissable such function in order to prevent such things from happening?


  • Seems to be visible now and in different category, thanks to whoever or whatever fixed it. :)
  • drakenfyredrakenfyre Posts: 6,879 Community Moderator
    :)  best thing you can do to keep this from happening again is to actually make your post in one of the topic threads ie. General Discussion, Bug Reports, ect.
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