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Is there a best pet?

solcitsesolcitse Posts: 11 Arc User
I see a lot of really cool pets and have observed some are rarer than others. My question is: Is there a best pet and what makes it the best, besides obvious star levels?


  • Dilsrin is for myself the best pet. Finally made it to a 7 star. The high Hp 54k and attack 20,6k make it for me the best pet. My second pet the Wild MRX-enchanted is still 4 star. Will keep this post updated how strong it will become. Lvl 4 star MRX 24k hp and 4801 attack.
  • solcitsesolcitse Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    Thanks for the reply. So I guess its a pets base stats and such which make them favored. I think I'm starting to wrap my head around the subject.

    also gratz on the 7 star
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  • Thx! Yes every player should get the pet wich support him. Only thing ive learned so far. You're pet die fast in adv road and pvp. So having more 6star pets could make the difference. So after the mrx i'm looking for a new project. Getting 5 pets to evolve isnt to hard. But getting the exp is insane! Do all the pet runs you can. Gl
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