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Joystick Compatibility for the Disabled

khorbahnkhorbahn Posts: 11 Arc User
..of course you will have those who will abuse this - however, this *should not* be an issue with the ToS as:

  1. The game files are unchanged.
  2. Gamepad Technology has advanced - (e.g., Neverwinter Port to XBOX)
  3. Until I found this program, because I am now Disabled, I could not play games I invested in.
  4. Turbo / Auto causes issues because of keyboard emulation (e.g., cat on keyboard)
I'm not saying - oh poor me - I'm saying that there is out-of-game option for those of us who can't use mouse-look and clicks every few seconds for extended periods.... 

I have a muscle disorder - I use a 12-button Joystick for every RPG Arc Game, now including my main reason: Neverwinter

JoyToKey -- written by the Disabled, for, the Disabled
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