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Card Fragments

f1avorf1avor Posts: 12 Arc User
As an active player in events I know that EK likes to give out fragments a lot. However, there are many card fragments that have been sitting in my crafting section for a very long time, such as Dragon Knight and God of Pain. Once an event is over, it then becomes impossible to obtain more fragments of cards such as these in order to finish crafting them. It also frustrates me (and probably a lot of other players), how I sometimes kill a level 100 thief and all I get is ONE lame 4* fragment. Only 79 more level 100 thieves to go before I can craft a Blackstone! Please change this somehow and maybe introduce omni fragments so we can finish crafting our unfinished cards. :smile: 


  • If everyone would be able to craft cards so easily it would ruin the fun. People just have to wait a bit and maybe an opportunity will arrive. And on the other side, Dragon Knight was in a twitter code event and you could have crafted 2 of them if you would have gotten all frags. God of Pain was in the sell cards- get frags event and in a couple others if I remember right. Some players were able to craft it and some weren't. Not everyone can have so many good cards, don't you think?

    But I have to agree with you about the 4* thief drop. I'll try to forward the idea to the devs. (: Thanks for the feedback.
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  • maceofwindumaceofwindu Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    I do not think there needs to be an "easy" way to obtain fragments, but I agree with flavor that it would be a positive thing for the player's experience if they could have some reliable chance of obtaining incomplete fragments.  Twitter giveaways are nice, but you have to rely on the majority of the community to want the same frags that you want. If you want something the majority of the community doesn't want, you are pretty much out of luck.  I think a simple potential solution to this would be expanding the KW shop to have a rotation of fragment options to buy as well as the cards.
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  • f1avorf1avor Posts: 12 Arc User
    That would be great if we could buy fragments in kw store! :)
  • pl9ok7yfpl9ok7yf Posts: 16 Arc User
    I agree that getting 5* cards shouldn't be too easy but killing a level100 thief and get a butterfly fairy frag is just making your players angry... I have over 20 of those from last hydra but even if i hadn't, a 3* frag for lvl100 thief? Come on!
  • I've been sitting on 50 Shadow Assassins fragments for over 8 months.  Giving partial rewards of a card often works out the same as no reward at all.   Aside from top 100 players,  either the same fragments are brought back and you manage 1 card out of the 2 times it's available or you have 90 fragments of 110 forever which is more a repetitive slap in the face every time you see it than it is a reward. 

    I thought last summer, and posted then, that being able to trade 20 of a 5* frag for 10 fragments usable to finish any other 5* you have fragments for would help people choose the ones they want to finish and finally be able to accept "rewards" given out long ago. 
  • remblieremblie Posts: 36
    You can buy card fragments from the FoH store now and if you don't like the current list of available fragments you can refresh it 2x a day. 

    Omni fragments would be great though for those really rare fragments.
  • maceofwindumaceofwindu Posts: 34 Arc User
    I think there should be a way to reset the pools of fragments. From what I have seen, the 5* fragments available in the FoH store are lava destroyer (40k), arbiter of war (20k), moor ripper (10k), abhorrent gargoyle (10k), skeleton king (10k), white winged tiger (10k), dire snapping turtle (10k), maybe a few more. I would like to have the option to change a pool card for some set amount of glory. For example, I think it would be nice to have the option of having queen of the dead frags instead of lava destroyer frags. I would like to see an option to change what drops for 10 million glory, 20 million glory, whatever seems appropriate. If it's 200m glory to change the frag drops, it will still take some time to rebuild the glory amount, so cards could still be difficult to obtain
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  • remblieremblie Posts: 36
    resets.... umm.... they do have that. You can do the first one free, and each additonal one is 2M Glory, up to a max total of 4 resets a day.
    I do agree a little more variety would be nice.
  • maceofwindumaceofwindu Posts: 34 Arc User
    What I mean by reset is not what is set up in the FoH store currently. What I mean by resetting in this instance is having the option to reset which fragments appear in a pool. Rather than the same 4* and 5* cards appearing, you could change the 40k/5 frag card from a lava destroyer to queen of the dead, goddess of order, chaos demon, or some other highly sought after card.
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  • elowamielowami Posts: 1
    My problem with card frags is that half the frags i have i dont want the card they craft i would like some way of getting rid of them or selling them for much needed gold even if it were for a ridiculously small amount as spending quite a few thousand to craft and then selling for a pitiful amount or having to spend more gold to use as fodder sucks ass.
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