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CSA: Hydra and clan event rules

alistairskyalistairsky Posts: 195
edited March 2015 in General Discussion
Dear EK Players,

We are informed that during the Hydra event, some players tried to exploit loopholes to make advantage for their clans by capturing hydras without claiming them and shifting clan afterwards. 

Although it did not work in EK(If player jumped to another clan during hydra, the dragon points he gained and unclaimed before WON'T be added to the new clan, it is stilled counted in his previous clan record. His clan member contributed dragon points will be cleared), to prevent misunderstanding and possible unfair competition, we have decided to make some changes in CODES as follows:

During Hydra event,

- Clan members can not quit their clans.
- Clan leaders can not disband their clans.
- Clan leaders can only kick out up to 2 members every day.
-The players who are not in a clan still can join in a clan during the event. He will share clan rewards if his clan win any clan ranking reward after Hydra ends.

Rules update: For a fair gameplay environment, from this Hydra onwards, during Hydra event, clan leader can NEITHER disband his clan NOR eject clan members. Players cannot quit their clans either, but those who are not in a clan yet may join in a clan.

We wish all the players can enjoy a fair playing environment.

- The EK Team

Have fun & build your deck!
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