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Supreme Guild Recruiting!

lvenlven Posts: 79
edited December 2014 in Guild Discussion
Hello there fellow players!
We are trying to expand our guild by recruiting active members from Natine. Supreme is an active guild that participates in events like Relic Ark, Dragon Slayer, Boss Hunts, Arc Boss and Guild Wars daily. Just fill out the form below and I will message you personally for more details.

In Game Name:

Combat Power:

Current level:


How many hours a day do you play:

Q: Why would you like to be in Supreme?

Q: What motivates you personally in game?

Q: Do you play well with others?

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  • I would like to request a promotion in guild xDD
  • Ign-IanRox15
    Combat Power-80k
    Time Zone-GMT +8 Php
    Weekdays- In game 9am-11am & 10pm-2am GMT+8 Manila Time AFK Mode 1pm-8pm
    Weekends- Not active due to no internet connection
    I like to be in Supreme to become more stronger player to have active friends to be with at instances,boss hunt etc.
    To be friends with other people and enjoy the gaming process.
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