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[Admin] Announcing DOI Forum Moderators

Hello DOI players, thanks again to everyone who applied for the forum moderator position. After receiving a number of applicants, it was a difficult decision to make, but today we announce two new moderators for the DOI forums.

On the forums they are: 

The selected moderators are active members of the game and will help to answer in-game questions and facilitate discussions, along with being a liaison to the developers. It's my hope that with the moderator support, we can grow and develop the DOI community, starting here at the forums.

It's going to take a while for the forums to become an active part of the game, so please share the word with other players. We need your voice to help shape EK into the best game it can be.  

As a last note, in the future we may have new openings for moderators, so we ask players who are still interested to please keep their eyes posted on the forums. Thanks!  


  • When will be the next application time? I'd like to applicate too, as soon as you need another active, loyal and well-known moderator!

    Kind Regards,


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