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[Admin] Patch V1.5 Release Notes

Hello DOI Fans! 

We have some exciting news, the long awaited PATCH 1.5 will be released in a few hours! Get ready for new levels, new gear, plus exciting new features in the update.

[NOTICE] Server will be offline from 00:00 - 03:00 PST November 11th as we perform maintenance in preparation for the new patch. 

Thanks again for playing and keeping up with DOI, as a reward, all players will receive 300 Blue Diamonds and 3* lvl 3 Gem chests as a free gift.

What's new: 

1. Battle for the Strongest Guild.
2. New VIP system with more benefits.
3. Guild Leader reward. When a Guild reaches a certain population, the Guild Leader will get a reward.
4. Combat Power reward. Rewards are available when Combat Power reaches a certain value.
5. Training House. 
6. Personal Enemy list.
7. Astrology system.
8. Level cap raised to LV70. New LV70 equipment and instances. 
9. New LV65 Dragonlair instance. 
10. New Daily PvP Event: Candy Duplication Factory with Sailor companion reward.
11. New Daily PvP Event: Mushroom Gatherer.

1. Get target's Guild affiliation info in View interface, and able to send Guild invitation. 
2. Friend system optimized. Complete instances with friends to get more rewards. 
3. Auction House optimized. Fixed an issue that high level gear can't be searched by blue attributes. 
4. Guild interface optimized.
5. Mobile version Item Tooltip optimized. Now has larger fonts. 
6. Dimensional Rift is now changed into Knight's Path. A new slot is added: Medals.
7. Gear reforge. System will automatically filter useless items, so the material select is easier. 
8. Expedition optimized. 
9. Gear Enhancement optimized. 

Performance Optimization: 
1. Performance optimized. Less forced termination. 
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