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last man standing event

SO i am lvl 50 now. the last man standing event is so horrible
can there be a spot where players that spawn are invulnerable.
it is so stupid that i become dead immediately after spawning.
can you fix this


  • lvenlven Posts: 79
    It's better for you to find another wild terragon room but it's inevitable, there will be players spawn killing you to add more kills in their stats to up their pk rank too. It's better to just afk till everyone leaves, go get your xp then.
  • how do i leave when i am dead immediately when i am respawn. They are just camping at the respawn circle.
    this system is so flawed. the only way was to see a rare moment to escape.
  • lvenlven Posts: 79
    you can either switch realms, or log out then log in to go back home.
  • kamid0kakamid0ka Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    This event is BROKEN and not a challenge for PVP because of the level differences and the same MAX LEVEL bullies who come in there and kill people at the respawn point with one shot. I suggest some rules.

    1. PvP in this zone should be with a 10 level + or - limit. Otherwise it is a one-shot kill almost guaranteed.
    2. If you are level 70 you should not have access to the event because then the point is just to kill everyone with an unfair advantage who actually is there to gain needed xp.
    3. You are not able to recall your pet or cast spells in the respawn and heal circle yet Magus' and
    Beserker classes especially use their area of effect abilities to continually one shot low level players when they have next to no health after being killed by another player.
    4. Make players in the respawn and heal circle invulnerable until they leave the circle.
  • kamid0kakamid0ka Posts: 4 Arc User
    Switching realms is not an option by the way. My server says event is only available in realm / route 2.
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